Carolinas United Community Platforms (LLC) offers multiple online community platforms for local cities, counties, and combined statistical areas of North Carolina.
Connecting communities and vistors with businesses, nonprofits, and one another. Via our businesses and nonprofits pages and profiles, this gives businesses and nonprofits the ability to list their own account (or be added by our Admin(s)) free of charge. Once on the community platform of choice, you can create updates, events, job opportunities, and more. You can keep track of subscribers and likers of your account, manage your content and job opportunities from your account's profile and even sync a website (through our website package). We would like to note some pages allow for content from subsribing businesses only. All content can be seen on your accounts profile either way. Find a local community platform near you below.

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San-Lee United

Uniting the communities and areas of Lee County, NC into an online community

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Triad Unite

Uniting the communities of the Triad region of NC into an online community platform. DIscover businesses and nonprofits serving Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem NC!

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Carolinas United Community Platforms LLC

Discover, Connect and keep up with local Carolina based cities, businesses, nonprofits, communities and more